Social Activist Sampath Memorial lecture on
Reservation for poor - Constitutional Validity and Social Justice

Venue: Vinoba Hall

5:00 PM - February 16, 2019

Organised by
Indian School of Social Sciences Chennai


About Program

The system of reservation in India consists of a series of measures, such as reserving access to seats in the various legislatures, to government jobs, and to enrollment in higher educational institutions. The reservation nourishes the historically disadvantaged castes and tribes, listed as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled tribes (SCs and STs) by the Government of India , also those designated as Other Backwards Classes (OBCs) and also the economically backward general. The reservation is undertaken to address the historic oppression, inequality, and discrimination faced by those communities and to give these communities a place. It is intended to realise the promise of equality enshrined in the Constitution.

The Constitution prohibits untouchability and obligates the state to make special provision for the betterment of the SCs and STs. Over the years, the categories for affirmative action, also known as positive discrimination, have been expanded beyond those to the OBCs. -- from Wikipedia

Reservation is governed by the Constitution, statutory laws and local rules and regulations. The SCs, STs and OBCs, and in some states Backward Classes among Muslims under a category called BC(M), are the primary beneficiaries of the reservation policies. There have been protests from groups outside the system who feel that it is inequitable.

காலம் காலமாக ஒடுக்குமுறைக்கு உள்ளான சமூகங்கள் கல்வியிலும், சமூகத்திலும் மிகவும் பின்தங்கி இருந்தார்கள். அவர்கள் சமத்துவ நிலைக்கு வரவேண்டும் என்று சொன்னால் அவர்களுக்கு வேலை வாய்ப்பில், கல்வியில் முன்னுரிமை கொடுக்க வேண்டும் அதுதான் இடஒதுக்கீடு.

About Organisers

Indian School of Social Sciences, Chennai (ISSS) is a voluntary organization that facilitate a platform for discussion on intellectual topics. Though ISSS was formed in 1983, it has been registered as a society in 2018. ISSS organized various special Lectures and Seminars on Developmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Economic Sciences, and Political Science. ISSS has instituted memorial Lecture in the name of Legendary Trade Union Leader V.P. Chinthan and W.R.Varatharajan and other social activists. Moving forward, with the growing need of Intellectual thirst among the mass due to rapid increase in Literacy rate, ISSS would like to leverage the advancement of Technology to establish a website on its own. It has a plan to involve in research activities on developmental issues. It will intensify its effort to reach out to students, youth and workers.

Program Schedule

Time: 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM - February 16, 2019

Registration: 5:00 PM Onwards

Inauguration - 5:30 - 5:45 PM

Welcome Address

Inaugural Address V B Ganesan, President, ISSS Chennai

5:45 PM – 7:00 PM

Lecture by: Justice. D. Hariparanthaman
Topic: Reservation for Poor - Constitutional Validity and Social Justice

Concluding Session - 7:15 PM - 7:30 PM

Vote of Thanks: Gnanaguru, Honerary President, ISSS Chennai



Dr. Basudev Roy

Justice D Hariparanthaman

Honorable Justice Hariparanthaman born in 1954, has served as a Judge in Madras high court between 31-3-2009 and 16-03-2016. Prior to his appointment as Judge, he was a practicing lawyer in Madras high court. He graduated in law in 1976 from Madras Law College and enrolled with Madras Bar council. During his tenure as Judge of Madras High court, he pronounced a number of important judgments that include Physically Challenged Candidate Get One-Hour Extra Time For Competitive Exams, Dismissed Employees Entitled For Leave Encashment, the Second wife has a right on deceased husband’s Pension. Honorable Justice is a social activist during his college days and was active in the student movement. As a practicing lawyer, he has always represented the cases of workers, downtrodden and oppressed. This legacy has continued after his retirement. Even during his tenure, he tried to make an entry into Tamilnadu Cricket Association Club in 2014 rejecting its dress code that prohibits the traditional Tamils Dhoti. He was openly defending the right of the Actor Aamir Khan whose conversation with his wife Kiran Rao being attacked by the fundamentalists and obscurantist elements even as a serving Judge in 2015 during his speech at Advocates Forum for Social Justice. Right after his retirement, he becomes active in public platforms upholding the principle of social justice, rights of workers, the welfare of downtrodden and oppressed.


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